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Bunny tails

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One bunch comes with 20 stems. 

Dried and preserved flowers can last many years, if they are cared for correctly.

The length of time that they last  depends on how they are displayed.

We do NOT guarantee the life span of any of our bunches & arrangements, because they are REAL & NATURAL.


  • Your florals do not need to be watered, they are dried & preserved. Water will only damage them.
  • Keep out of humid rooms like bathroom, laundry, fish tanks due to humidity and water evaporation, to avoid mold and wilting
  • Keep them away from windy areas such as ventilation grilles, air conditioning. This will avoid breakage.
  • They should be kept indoors and away from direct sunlight, wet, damp, moist conditions.
  • Avoid touching or fluffing them repeatedly as this may cause the flowers to break or shorten their shelf-life.



  • There are a few options to choose from when it comes to cleaning:
  • Use a hairdryer, set it on the lowest speed and no heat to avoid damage to your florals. 
  • Use a feather duster to gently remove and dust from your florals. This method will work best on sturdier arrangements, but can cause breakage.


These flowers are arranged to order, once you place your order we start making them, therefore all orders are final.

Please remember dried & preserved florals and grasses are natural so expect that they may vary in colour, shape, size.

Expect slight breakage during shipping, this is completely normal as all natural flowers shed.